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ADDA is a leader in the electronic thermal management field. For more than eight years ADDA has developed a broad range of products designed to extend the life of electronic components primarily used for the information technology industry. ADDA’s wide range of products includes CPU cooler modules, blower fans, Dc axial-flow/blower fans, Ac axial-flow fans and heatsinks.

Y.S. Tech

Yen Sun Technology Corporation was established in 1987, with the business philosophies of INNOVATION, QUALITY and EFFICIENCY. With over 1000 employees, Yen Sun is a publicly-traded company in Taiwan comprised of two major divisions, including the Electronics Cooling Division and the Home Appliances Division. The manufacturing plants are located in Taiwan, Dongguan, and Shanghai with the worldwide service facilities throughout Asia, America, Australia and the greater part of Europe.

Y.S. TECH continuously improves its R&D and core technologies. The core technologies consist of Advanced Motor Control, CFD Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Simulation, Psycho-Acoustic Analysis, and Electro-Thermal Analysis. Y.S. TECH has integrated its core technologies to develop a series of DC and AC cooling fans with RoHS compliance such as a series of Xtreme high performance fans, along with the SINTETICO long life bearing system that has been approved for Telecom and Automotive applications. Furthermore, utilizing T.M.D. Technology Y.S. TECH has developed the world’s slimmest fans measuring only 0.4 centimeters in thickness with applications include the next-generation multi-function handheld devices.

Y.S. Tech products support for Rocky Mountain Market market only

CPU Mate

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Taiwan, CPUMATE has been granted more than 1,500 patents worldwide, mainly in thermal modules for PC’s, Servers, VGA Card’s, and LED street light power supply’s.

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