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IEM is a marketing company with a vast network of overseas and domestic manufacturers. IEM has the flexibility of bringing the right product or service for the right price to your company’s design. We specialize in, but are not limited to, power supplies, batteries, cable assemblies, bulk cable, display’s, cooling solutions, metal and plastic parts/tooling and motors.

We have a large network of both Asian and Domestic suppliers offering: Batteries, Power Supplies, cabling and bulk cable, Displays, Fans, Metal and Plastic parts, Motors, PCB’s and Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services. If our standard products don’t fit your needs then we have a large number of design services that can understand what the customer’s problems are, and then offer manufacturers to fill the solution. Through our network of world class manufacturing partners and our own “in house” sister companies of DEVA ( www.devainc.com ) and Veterans Supply Chain Management ( www.vscminc.com ) IEM can and will find a solution for you.

Our factories can ship anywhere in the world. We have local FAE’s that can support your engineering team or get your engineering team in direct contact with the team at the factory. Should you have a need for both high volume shipments to your overseas CM’s and also need smaller quick turn shipments for North American demand, DEVA or VSCM can warehouse for you.

If you are in need of facilitating N. American government procurement requirements IEM can arrange for Veterans Supply Chain Management (V.S.C.M.) a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small business” to help.

So, regardless of your size, point of purchase or complexity of design IEM can help assure our products fit your design needs.

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